Guide to 21st Century Education


The learning skills required in this century are new and different abilities than were required many years ago.  With new 21st century skills that students are educated with, we can sure that our economy will not be in jeopardy.


What the students had been learning ten years ago, should not be required today.  Teaching a student how to email properly when he knows how to use instant messaging is something that makes your out of context.  Adapting 21st century skills knowledge to a changing world is what we ought to be doing. The world is changing and we need to adapt 21st century skills knowledge to this changing world.


The focus today should be on critical thinking skills, and how to ask questions that require answers from several resources.


We should teach how to locate relevant accurate content instead of teaching content.  There are those who create grounds in class just so to fulfill requirements so that when teachers’ evaluations come they can say that they did what was required of them, which is short of its purpose.


Collaboration with others is being taught when groups are created.  And this is not only a classroom thing, but it should be done across the globe.


It is not known as yet what the future careers will be.  We do not know where they will be or their job description.  Being a critical thinker, a problems solver with global awareness is what 21st century skills require. For more info about education, visit


The skills that students should be using every day in class are those that help them in understanding the changing technology environment like social networking and contribution to the development of intellectual texts.


In this adapting, changing world, students should be engaged.  We should always be real.  Today, using a math app, a student can solve a math problem in 2 seconds.  In 5 minutes time, they can create a new essay from Google, and inform their friends in the next class the assignment you gave in the first period through text.


Understanding this concept is our job as educators like John Misustin.   This knowledge we have not should be used to solve bigger problems.


If you ask a student to present their findings on a real world problem using class oral presentation skills then this cannot be easily found in YouTube.


This oral presentation would require many skills from the students to prepare if this would be the basis of his assessment; o n how he analyzed the concept.  He has to locate relevant information which he should determine as credible or not.  Next is the writing of the script and its editing.  Choosing appropriate images is next.


You implement reading, writing, and research standards and one that is difficult reaching, which is oral presentation.


The priority of educators like John Misustin then is to teach that will prepare them for the future.